Friday, April 15, 2011

Travel Tips

Some non-sense thoughts on my travels..

·       Never use points for free flights…hoard them for upgrades.  First-class is the only way to fly
·       If you can afford it drive and park at the airport. Nothing sucks more than getting off the plane and waiting an hour for the bus.
·       Don’t splurge on the car wash at the parking garage.  Convenient, yes worth the money, absolutely not.  They do a horrible job.
·       There is no such thing as hovering when using the airplane loo
·       Men will pee on the floor…turbulence isn’t bathroom conscious, so make sure you pull up your pant legs
·       The omelet is the best breakfast choice by far…unless you detest mushrooms
·       With the above in mind the biscuit is also the better choice…just say no to hard bagels
·       If you place your laptop on your seat when you get up your bum is nice and toasty when you get back.
·       Splurge on the 12.99 wifi.  It’s entertaining and just plain cool.
·       Hotel lotions and shampoos are a waste…use ‘em and leave ‘em
·       However…When you are out of toilet paper back home and realize you will not get home before midnight and stopping at the store is not an option steal a roll from the hotel.  It will make you giggle on the inside
·       Don’t hate layovers…appreciate the chance to get drunk with complete stranger in the same boat

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