Thursday, March 10, 2011

My Lucky Streak has ended

Every so often my job pays off in the form of hockey tickets.  There have been a few times this past season where I'm handed 2 very nice placed seats.  This past Monday was no exception.  Corner section 9th row.  Now I'm not a hockey novice.  I know very little about the positions, rules, etc.  But I do love the speed, the excitement, the fans, and the very rugged men.  What can I say...I'm a man's man kind of girl. 
This Monday's games against the Dallas Stars was a first for me though in my LA Kings hockey tradition in a few ways.  First of all, I've always gone with someone much more knowledgeable about hockey than I.  Secondly, they've always won!  
Being that I recently lost my hockey companion I decided to entice my very sports hating roommate and bestie to go with me through promise of eye candy and beer! It worked of course so we set off on our first hockey girls night.  The great thing about her is that she completely plays along.  She may not know what's going on but she cheered, she walked under the sign on the way to Staples (a very winning tradition in the past), and she yelled at the players in true hockey fan fashion. 
I've also never really gotten there early enough for warm ups.  Usually I'm fighting traffic 'till the last minute or fighting crowds at LA Live to get there just in time for the game.  It was great.  I got to see my very favorite new King Penner up close and personal and even though the blood is better for me on the ice than off, I got to witness a very close and scary puck to the head moment compliments of the guys standing next to me.  At least he has a good story to share with his buddies!
All and all it was fabulous right up until the first 2 minutes of overtime...where they lost.  I was bummed to say the least. In the few games I've been to over this season I've never seen them loose in person.  I liked thinking that I was some sort of lucky charm.  Bubble has been officially burst. 
C'est La Vie, I'm off to another game on Thursday and I'm hoping my lucky charm status will be restored.  GO Kings GO!

I love this pic...What's on my finger?

Even though the camera wasn't cooperating...How can you not think hotness???