Tuesday, February 1, 2011


I find myself unable to sleep much lately. It's really only been the last few months, but it is starting to really effect me. In the past it's always been because of work. Too many issues not enough time in the day. But lately it's been about life.

What do I want...why do I feel so unhappy? It could be that the last 5 years have been completely devoted to work and devoid of human contact, other than the Israeli programmer type. I moved here 5 years ago thinking that my life was finally taking off. I had a great job and I was starting over on this amazing journey.
Unfortunately I soon realized that no one really wanted to do anything but work, so I followed suit not wanting to disappoint my new boss and his expectations...It worked. I have tripled my salary and my boss has on many occasions told me we never would be here if not for me.

So now I lay here in the dark...Alone...and I realize it hasn't only been a few years. It's been 5...and I have very little to show for it personally. The money and the job didn't make me as happy as I thought it would.

So a little late, but here are my 2011 goals:
  1. Update resume and seriously consider other professional options in life. (i.e. New City)
  2. Go to NY City at Christmas time.
  3. Venture out of my comfort zone and meet new people.
  4. Don't love someone who can't/won't love you back.
  5. Write more as I find that my mind has actually stopped running in circles this very second.

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