Monday, February 7, 2011


Today is my Birthday! I celebrated this weekend with some of my close friends. We first started off at The Village Idiot. A very pub like place in Melrose. Kind of cool. I'm not extremely up on beer, but I wanted something different.
The menu was entertaining...Pies, No Face, Two Legs, Four Legs, and No Legs and the food was quite good as well. My drink not so much, but that's OK as I managed to spill it on my boyfriend sitting across from me. No worries, he had fast reflexes.
After supper, as they referred to it, I got to try my first Heavenly cupcake from Bake you Happy. It was delectable! Then we promptly walked down to The Groundlings show.
I had never been to a comedy club before but it sounded Saturday Night Live skits. There were some funny parts...not sure I'd go back, but I laughed. They included one of my friends in their skit and he even got a little ass action.
Overall not a bad weekend.
I got exactly what I wanted....WICKED tickets. I'm extremely excited and cannot wait!
However, I've seemed to make it through the whole weekend without a single picture. I guess I will just have to remember years to come from this post alone.

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